A Unique Approach to Creating and Producing Music

A man playing guitar in front of a crowd.

Tony Russ: Songwriter, Singer, Musician, and Performer

Tony Russ has been creating music since he was 12 and has traveled in bands for 20 years. His unusual style combines different genres of music to create a unique sound of music not molded into a specific genre. Some of his creations use hip-hop with indie rock, classical with hard rock, and much more. His goal is to create different-sounding music using his guitars, organ and other instruments, plus the best tools available in Logic Pro X. You will know it’s his music once you hear his voice hitting notes with ease.

What Is Tony Russ Music?

Tony Russ Music is the music artistry of Tony Russ — Songwriter, Singer, Musician,  Performer and music producer.

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Music Styles

Tony Russ is a storyteller-songwriter who is unique and entertaining. Tony performed as lead singer and rhythm guitarist for The Facts Of Life Band and The Tony Russ Band on stage for 20-plus years. The Beatles were his favorite, but he also performed music by the Stones, James Brown, Buffalo Springfield, Bruce Springsteen, Queen, Marvin Gay, Jimmy Hendrix, and other major artists. That experience helped him blossom into the writer he is today with a unique style that is truly his own genre. True Fans enjoy his selections, knowing that the next creation will be different.


Tony Russ’s Style is unique and doesn’t fit a specific genre.